Spanish Flu


The Spanish Flu was one of the deadly flus that you could find in 1918. It killed 25 million and more. It started to affect the British and the French first then slowly moved its way to Germany. This flu was found more in towns, big cities, and anywhere that there was a great amount of people. The flu made its first appearance in the northern part of Canada around the middle of 1918. This deadly flu took only 3 months to spread around the world, killing almost 2/3 of its population.The flu affected young adults and old people for the most part. The duration of the Spanish Flu was from 1918 to until the ending of 1919. This had a negative impact not onlny in canada but to the whole world also.

Medical Information

Common Symptoms for the Spanish Flu: Very High Fever          Runny/Stuffy Nose
                                                                Headaches                  Body Aches
                                                                Tiredness (very weak) Diarrhea   
                                                                Cough                         Throwing-Up
                                                                Sore Throat

These symptoms are basic signs of the Spanish Flu. These are also symptoms of a regular flu. If you experience those symptoms severally that could possibly lead to the Spanish Flu. The Spanish Flu was not called that until later on. Before the "Spanish Flu" came out, it was named the Bronchopneumonia and is still referred as that today. Unfortunately there is not cure for the Spanish Flu, the only way to fight it is to: get lots of rest, try in ingest a lot of fluids into your system and get antibiotics from you specialist to fight bacteria and infection.

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